Signature of a partnership agreement with the ACCF

The Conference of African Constitutional Jurisdictions – CJCA and the Association of Francophone Constitutional Courts – ACCF, signed a partnership agreement which defines the framework for cooperation, consultation and coordination, it provides, among other things:

1- The exchange of ideas, experiences and information;

2- The development of research and legal studies relating to the control of constitutionality and in particular those relating to human rights and the establishment of the rule of law;

3- The organization of scientific events with themes chosen by mutual agreement;

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the signing took place remotely, Mr Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada, President of the ACCF signed the agreement on behalf of the ACCF, while on behalf of the CJCA it is Mr. Manuel Arago, president of the Constitutional Tribunal of Angola and president of the CJCA who signed the agreement.

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