Western Sahara: Renewal of the Constitutional Council

According to the new amendment to the Constitution of Western Sahara, the composition of the Constitutional Council will now consist of seven members instead of five.

The installation and swearing-in ceremony for the new members of the Constitutional Council took place on: September 26, 2020.

Three members appointed by the President of the Republic, they are:

Mr. Mohamed Bouzid, Chairman of the Council since 2004, (Renewal)

Mr. Abe Slahi Babaha, professor, new member

Mr. Mamouni Aidallah Al-Daf, professor, new member

Two members were elected under the Superior Council of the Judiciary, they are:

Mr. Al-Hussein Muhammad Ibrahim: Judge, former representative of the Republic, graduate of the Higher Institute of the Judiciary. Member of two previous terms

Mr. Hussain Sa’dbouh, the oldest civil servant: judge, inspector at the Ministry of Justice.

Two members, under the National Assembly (Parliament), they are:

M. Basiri Muhammad Sam Al-Salik: Judge, graduate of the Higher Institute of Magistracy, former head of the indictment chamber of the criminal court, member of two previous terms.

Mr. Marabih Rabbo and Liu Al-Samlali: Judge, graduate of the Higher Institute of Magistracy, new member

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