Zimbabwe: Five-year extension for Chief Justice

The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has extended the service of Chief Justice Luke Malaba for a period of five years, under the Constitution Amendment Act No. 2 of Zimbabwe adopted and promulgated by the President on 7 May 2021, and based on annual medical reports proving he is still mentally and physically fit to continue as Chief Justice.

This extension comes after having consulted the Judicial Service Commission as required by law, and in application of article 186 (1) of the Constitution, which grants the chief judge beyond the age of 70 an additional period of five years from May 16, 2021.

Chief Justice Malaba turned 70 on May 15, 2021 and was scheduled to retire in accordance with the provisions of the original 2013 Constitution.

The new amended law allows judges to continue to sit on the bench until they reach the age of 75 if they are still found to be in good health.

Chief Justice Malaba was appointed Chief Justice in March 2017 following the retirement of the late Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku.

It should be noted that the Chief Justice of Zimbabwe simultaneously presides over the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court and that the latter has been a member of the CJCA, since April 2017.

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