Appointment of a new President of the Constitutional Court of Burundi

Appointment of a new President of the Constitutional Court of Burundi (title)

The Senate on Friday approved the appointment of two new senior executives to the Constitutional Court of Burundi, namely Mr. Charles Ndagijimana as the new president of the Constitutional Court of Burundi and Aimée Laurentine Kanyana as non-permanent member of the special high court, charged particular to examine the validity of the elections in the prescribed of the Burundian constitution.
Mr. Ndagijimana will be replacing Ms. Christine Nzeyimana, the statutory six-year term expired last Monday.
The Burundian Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Pascal Barandagije, said that Mr. Ndagijimana hitherto prosecutor at the anti-corruption court, and Mrs. Kanyana, currently second vice-governor of the Bank of the Republic of Republic (BRB), have only 39 years.
He stressed that these appointments were respected ethno-regional and gender balances agreed in the Arusha Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Burundi (AAPRB) of 28 August 2000 which requires the ethnic balance.
Mr. Ngagijimana a Hutu (ethnic majority and power) of the Muyinga (north-east). Ms. Aimé Laurentine Kanyana of the Tutsi ethnic group native of Ngozi province (north).

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