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AACC and CCJA: Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding

      Mr. M. Mogoeng, President of the CCJA, on August 9, 2017, with his counterpart Mr. Arief Hidayat, President of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia, officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding   between the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Africa (CCJA) and the Asian Association of Constitutional Courts and Councils (AACC). The signing took place

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Constitutional Council of Cote d’Ivoire: Mamadou Koné officially president after being interim

  Mamadou Koné has been officially confirmed as President of the Constitutional Council since July 25, 2017, after acting as Francis Wodié. He will head the institution for six non-renewable years. Also, they are appointed Members of the Constitutional Council, for a period of six (06) years ” Ms. Jacqueline Lohoues-Oble, Full Professor of Law,

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