Installation of the new Constitutional Court of Benin


The seven (7) new sages of the constitutional court of Benin were sworn on June 6, 2018 before the head of state Patrice Talon who received their oaths.

The new guardians of the constitution are: Joseph Djogbénou, Razack Amouda, Moustapha Fassassi, Rigobert Azon, Sylvain Nouwatin, Cécile de Dravo Zinzindohoué, and André Katari

This ceremony officially marks the end of the 5th term presided over by Professor Theodore Holo. It should be noted the presence at this ceremony of the former presidents of the constitutional court. This is Elisabeth Pognon (2nd and 3rd) and Robert Dossou (4th) term.

The new ones will elect from among themselves the president of the court to the rank of magistrates and jurists.

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