New President of the Constitutional Council of Mauritania



Diallo Mamadou Bathia, is appointed president of the Constitutional Council of Mauritania, according to a presidential decree made public on December 20, 2018.

Former Enarque, entered the government as minister, general secretary of the government in 2014, and then Minister of Defence, last position held before his appointment to the Constitutional Council

M Diallo is a senior official of the Union for the Republic party.

Here after the new composition of the Council:


Président : Monsieur Diallo Mamadou Bathia




– Mme Aïchetou Mint Dechagh Ould Mhaïmed


– Mr Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Sidigh


– Mr Ahmed Vall Ould M’Bareck


– Mr Yahya Ould Mohamed Mahmoud


– Mr Ahmed Ahmed Djibaba


– Mme Selama Mint Lemrabott


– Mr Ba Mariam Koïta


– Mr Haimout Ba.


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