The Constitutional Council of Cameroon enters into operation

Clement Atangana is the first president of the Constitutional Council of Cameroun.
He was appointed by presidential decree on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. His appointment followed the reading of the decree on the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Council, an institution whose establishment had been in the making since its creation on January 18, 1996. Since then, was the Supreme Court of Cameroon which assumed its prerogatives.

Clement Atangana is well known to the judiciary in Cameroon. The off-scale magistrate was president of the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court, among others. Other names familiar with the political scene are part of the council: Emmanuel Bonde, Joseph Marie Bipoum Woum, Jean-Baptiste Baskouda, Charles Etienne Lekene Donfack, Jean Foumane Akam, Ahmadou Tidjani. Arrey Florence Rita, Emile Essombe, Ba Oumarou Sanda and Paul Nchoji Nkwi are the other members appointed  by the President of the Republic.
They have a mandate of six years, which may be renewable.

Note that the Supreme Court of Cameroon is already a member of the CJCA

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