ASSOUMA reappointed head of the Constitutional Court of Togo

Aboudou Assouma becomes again the president of the Constitutional Court of Togo. He was appointed Monday December 30, 2019 by the Head of State, Faure Gnassingbé. The magistrate succeeds himself as president of the Constitutional Court, which he has held since 2007.

The other members are:

Kouami Amados-Djoko elected by the National Assembly,

Palouki Massina, current Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law (FDD) at the University of Lomé (UL);

Mipamb Nam-Tougli, Associate Professor of Administrative Law at the UL and outgoing member of the Court, appointed by the President of the Republic.

Koffi Jérôme Amekoudi, lawyer elected by his peers,

Djobo Babakane Coulibaley lecturer and researcher in rank A law from public universities in Togo elected by his peers;

Pawele Sogoyou magistrate elected by the superior council of the magistrature.

The Constitutional Court is composed of 9 members of recognized probity. They are appointed and elected by the Head of State, the National Assembly, the Senate as well as representatives of the judiciary and education.

The Constitutional Court of Togo has been a founding member of the CJCA since its creation in 2011 in Algiers

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