Burundi, renewal of the Constitutional Court

Valentin Bagorikunda, former Attorney General of the Republic of Burundi until August 2016, current Director General of the National Office for Pensions and Occupational Risks, the ONPR, has just been voted President of the Constitutional Court 100% by the Senate from Burundi

Who approved the establishment of a new team of judges at the Constitutional Court.

The former Attorney General of the Republic, Valentin Bagorikunda, thus becomes the new President of the Constitutional Court, replacing Charles Ndagijimana; while the former Minister of Defense, Emmanuel Ntahomvukiye becomes its vice-president, replacing Jérémie Ntakarutimana.

The other members approved by the Senate are: Liboire Nkurunziza, Jeanne Habonimana, Salvator Ntibazonkiza, Bède Mbayahaga and Jean Pierre Amani.

The Constitutional Court is the highest constitutional authority in Burundi.

According to the Burundian constitution, this Court comprises 7 members identified among jurists recognized for their moral integrity, their impartiality and their independence for a non-renewable six-year term.

Its particular mission is to rule on the constitutionality of laws and regulatory acts in matters other than those falling within the scope of the law; rule on the regularity of presidential and legislative elections and referendums and proclaim the results thereof and give an opinion to the President of the Republic before the latter declares a state of emergency in the event of a crisis.

Watch the installation ceremony : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvvSE2v2QuM

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