DR Congo: Partial renewal of the members of the Constitutional Court

Following this voluntary resignation, the presidency of the Constitutional Court of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is thus assured, on an interim basis, by Judge Évariste-Prince FUNGA MOLIMA MWATA and this since August 2020.

– On July 17, 2020, Judges Noël KILOMBA NGOZI MALA and Jean UBULU PUNGU, career magistrates, had been appointed Presidents of the Court of Cassation and assigned as such to the highest court of the judicial order where they had previously worked as Advisers, before their appointment to the Constitutional Court in 2014 and 2018 respectively.

– To replace these three members of the Constitutional Court, and thus to supplement its staff finally reduced to six members instead of nine, three new judges were appointed, in this case Judge Dieudonné KALUBA DIBWA, professor of public law from from the bar, Judge Alphonsine KALUME ASENGO CHEUSI, career magistrate from the Council of State, after having passed through the late Supreme Court of Justice, and Judge Dieudonné KAMULETA BADIBANGA, who comes from the Court of Cassation.

Since the taking of the oath of these three Judges, the Constitutional Court is full. Pending the election of its new President by his peers, it is currently composed of:

1. Mr. Évariste-Prince FUNGA MOLIMA MWATA, President ad interim;

2. Mr. Corneille WASENDA N’SONGO, Judge;

3. Mr. Jean-Pierre MAVUNGU MVUMBI-di-NGOMA, Judge;

4. Mr. Norbert NKULU KILOMBO MITUMBA, Judge;

5. Mr. François BOKONA WIIPA BONDJALI, Judge;

6. Mr. Polycarpe MONGULU T’APANGANE, Judge;

7. Mr. Dieudonné KALUBA DIBWA, Judge;

8. Madame Alphonsine KALUME ASENGO CHEUSI, Judge;

9. Mr. Dieudonné KAMULETA BADIBANGA, Judge.

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